Human Resources and Administration

Human Resources Management provides formal units for managing people within an organization. Chairos services provide outsourcing and consultancy in the following:

  • Staffing and Performance Management: Also known as recruitment. We offer recruitment services as well as Performance Management Services.
  • Employee Development: Based on staff career path and organizational culture, we offer tailored courses to assist staff development.
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits: We can structure organization’s payroll and meet a company’s obligations to monitoring bodies like FIRS, LIRS, PSAs, NLP.
  • Employee Relations: We can structure a company’s policy, manual, staff handbook, procedures and work processes.

Administration defines the various processes/ support that run a business. Chairos Services offers Administrative consultancy services in the following:

  • Protocol and Travels: Chairos Services can handle logistics and involves in local, regional and international travels.
  • Fleet Management: We have experience to manage an organizations fleet and manpower (drivers).
  • Administrative Services: We can recruit, train and maintain housekeepers, gardeners, drivers and dispatch riders.
  • Procurement: We offer consultancy services on how to structure procurement departments in organizations.
  • Store Management: We also offer consultancy services on inventory and store management.
  • Hotel/ Guest House: From furnishing to consultancy services on recruitment and training, we can structure your guest house/ hotel.